Javelin Festival in Jablonec 09.07.2008.

2008-09-08 13:30 by Miklos Nemeth

Jan Zelezny, Miklos Nemeth and the girls.

Jablonec is a Czech town in the North, 90km from Prague.This is where Barbora Spotakova was born. The town and the Czech Athletic Federation decided to organize a Javelin Festival in honor of Barbora on the 7th of September, 2008. The Beijing Olympics Javelin finalists were meeting again. The competition gave an opportunity for the organizers to celebrate their Olympic Champion. 8000 people were present in the local soccer stadium, when the girls competed on the brand new Polytan runup track. Mariya Abakumova won the competition by a throw of 65m, followed by Barbora Spotakova. The three times Olympic Champion Czech Athletics legend, Jan Zelezny, and the winner of the 1952 Helsinki Olympics, Dana Zatopkova, were also present at the meeting.


Steffi Nerius, Mariya Abakumova and Miklos are having a chat


Mariya Abakumova and Miklos are consulting about the newly received Nemeth Classic 80m, and Nemeth Club 75m javelins


Jan Zelezny, Dana Zatopkova and Miklos Nemeth in the party after the competition

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