The Longest Throw: Gergely Kulcsár

2011-04-05 16:32 by Miklos Nemeth

Miklos Nemeth and Gergely Kulcsar

My fate is sport, javelin..

I liked every sport with a ball: soccer, handball, basketball. However, by chance, javelin turned out to be the one that guided my destiny.

I was 18 when I first touched a javelin. I wasn't particularly talented, but my progression was solid and fast: I made the junior national team, then the national team, by 1958 I got third place in Stockholm at the European Championship, at the age of 24. I won medals in three different Olympics: Rome (1960) 3rd place, Tokyo (1964) 2nd place, Mexico (1968) 3rd place. My 4th Olympics was not that successful, unfortunately I did not make it through the qualifying rounds.

I did not like to study, however I did want to finish high school. Because of the sport, I made it to the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences of the Semmelweis University in Budapest. I became a teacher, then a coach, then a professor at the university. I achieved my biggest success in javelin as a coach, and received my masters, when Miklos Nemeth won the Olympics (Montreal, 1976). I became his coach in January of 1973 and coached him until the end of 1980, when I left for Kuvait, where I coached for another 12 years.

I believe and can say with confidence: I owe everything to sport, javelin.

It was an incredible experience to compete in all those Olympics, where I met the world's best athletes. It was even more amazing that I was able to challenge and even beat some of them.

03.14.2011, Budapest

Gergely Kulcsár

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