The Longest Throw: Klaus Wolfermann

2011-04-24 16:32 by Miklos Nemeth

Name: Klaus Wolfermann



March 31th, 1946 in Altdorf bei Nürnberg

Marital status:

Married since 1967 with Friederike
1 daughter: Karen, born in 1970


P.E. teacher, later PR leader at Puma, today managing director of his firm “Sportvermarktungs- und Consultingagentur”

Began with gymnastics (His father was a pro gymnast and
almost made it to the Olympics in 1936)
team handball, modern pentathlon, decathlon
Started javelin throwing at the age of 18

TV Altdorf, Siemens Nürnberg, 1860 München, SV Gendorf/Burgkirchen

Success in sports:

in track and field/javelin throwing
1967-1978: 7 German Championship title
12 German records
40 national competitions
1972 Olympic champion with 90.48m
1973 World record of 94.08m
1973 European Cup champion
1972 + 1973 Sportsman of the year
1972 European Sportsman of the year
1978 Rudolf-Harbig-Prize
2000 German javelin thrower of the century

with bobsled
1979 German champion and 5th in European Cup in 4 man bobsled

Best experience:

After winning the Olympics, 80.000 spectators shouted my name in the stadium.
During a competition in autumn 1970 in Chile: after the winning throw of 86 meters people came down to the field from the stands, congratulated, cheered, carried me on their shoulders and thanked me that were able to experience such a performance - similar experiences also in Brazil and Paraguay.

Hobbys: all kind of sports
for example: Jogging
Race- and Mountain biking
My grandchild Katharina

This is the advice I would give to young athletes: Learn and accept assistance from coaches and former athletes. Being too independent and egoistic training leads nowhere. First don't think about the money, but the performance; this will result mental and financial benefits.

Klaus Wolfermann


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