Introducing the NEW Nemeth Aluminum-Carbon javelin line

2012-01-01 22:52 by Miklos Nemeth

Nemeth Al-Carbon composite javelins 800g

            Nemeth Classic 95m  hard composite      (existing)

            Nemeth Classic 90m  medium composite  NEW

Nemeth Classic 90m medium composite

            Nemeth Club 85m  medium composite  NEW 

            Nemeth Standard 70m soft composite  NEW 

Nemeth Al-Carbon composite javelins 600g

            Nemeth Classic 85m hard composite    (existing)

            Nemeth Classic 80m medium composite  NEW

Nemeth Classic 80m medium composite

            Nemeth Club 75m  medium composite  NEW

Nemeth Club 75m medium composite

            Nemeth Standard 70m  soft composite NEW

Nemeth Al-Carbon composite javelins 700g

            Nemeth Special Competition 90m  hard composite NEW

            Nemeth Special Competition 80m  medium composite NEW

            Nemeth Special Competition 70m  soft composite NEW

On our Nemeth Al-Carbon javelins the stiffness of the javelin will be displayed

There has been demand to give further information on our javelins to help athletes choose the throwing equipment, which suits them best. In addition to the javelin's measurements and distance rating, the javelin's stiffness - which is closely related to the wobble effect during flight and how quickly it recovers after release - will be displayed on our Al-Carbon javelins.

The first step of choosing the right javelin is selecting the javelin's distance rating, which represents the quality of the javelin's aerodynamic characteristics. Higher distance rating means a better javelin, since its aerodynamic qualities are better, which results longer throws.

(Note: In spite of the differences in athletes' technical skills and physical abilities, it is a good rule of thumb that higher distance rating = longer throw, for both men's and women's IAAF javelins)

The second aspect of choosing a javelin is selecting the javelin's stiffness.

In our Nemeth Aluminum-Carbon composite javelin line it is possible to select the javelin's stiffness, which gives additional help for the athlete to choose the most adequate javelin according to his/her technical skills, physical abilities and weather conditions. More rigid javelins wobble less and recover faster, which decreases the drag during flight.

Nemeth Javelins developed three classes to represent the javelins' stiffness:

Nemeth hard composite

Nemeth medium composite

Nemeth soft composite

Better technical execution results more accurate throws, thus stiffer javelins can be used, which results longer throws due to the decreased wobble effect and air resistance (drag).

If the throwers' skills are still under development and the throws are more frequently inaccurate, medium or soft composite javelins are the better option, because these javelins compensate better for inaccurate release.

It is important to adopt to the characteristics of composite javelins, which is easier to achieve with medium or soft javelins.

The price of the javelins are being determined right now, they will be ready for orders soon.

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