Eino Penttilä, Finland

Eino Penttilä

World Record: 69.88m (229’ 3”)         Viipuri, Finland          8 Oct 1927

Eino Penttilä was born in Joutsend on the south shore of Lake Saimma. His father served in the Finnish cavalry. Young Eino won a stone-throwing competition and was advised to take up the javelin. He achieved his world record in 1927 at Viipuri (now Viburg), Finland. Despite sleeping in late and having to run to the stadium, his first throw was a world record of 69,88 meters.

He went to the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics as a great favorite but sustained a foot injury before the games. In the end he could manage only 63.20 meters (207’ 8”) and came in sixth.

By 1930 he was overtaken by the new star, Finland’s Matti Järvinen. Penttilä traveled to Los Angeles for the 1932 Olympics where he finished third with 68.70 meters (225’ 5”). Järvinen won the gold medal with 72.70 meters (238’ 6”).

An elbow injury ended Penttilä’s sport career in 1936. He served as a major in the Finnish army and later as a secretary-manager of his sport club.

source: World Record Breakers in Track & Field Athletics

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