Klaus Tafelmeier, West Germany

Klaus Tafelmeier

World Record: 85.74m (281' 3") Como, Italy 21 Sep 1986

Uwe Hohn's 100-meter throw led to the introduction of a new javelin in 1986. The center of gravity was shifted four centimeters forward. At the start of 1987, the IAAF accepted as the first world record the best mark to have been achieved by 31 December 1986. This was the throw of 85.74 meters (281' 3") by Klaus Tafelmeier at Como, Italy, on 21 September 1986. One month earlier he had won the European Championships with 84.76 meters (278' 1")

Tafelmeier had come in third at the West German championships three years running 1979 through 1981. Then his fortune changed, and he won the title from 1982 to 1985 and again in 1987 and 1991. He had been one of the favorites at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics in the absence of the Soviet Bloc. But he had disappointing Olympic competition, achieving only 73.52 meters (241' 2") with the old javelin and did not qualify for the final. He finished fourth at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, with 82.72 meters (271' 5") using the new javelin.

source: World Record Breakers in Track & Field Athletics


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