Interview with Braian Toledo

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Argentine javelin star Braian Toledo and his coach, Gustavo Osorio

Argentine junior javelin star Braian Toledo holds the youth world record in javelin throw with 89.34m, set in Mar del plata in 2010. He won the Youth Olympic Games in 2010 and he is currently third on the world junior rankings with 76,70m. While he is in a training camp in Formia, Italy, we asked him about his goals for the near future.

-Congratulations on your win at the National Junior Cup in Santa Fe last weekend. The winning throw of 74.90m is your third best throw with the 800g javelin, are you happy with the result?
-Yes, I'm happy at the moment, but I'm still not throwing as I would like to. I'm training every day to reach my goal and to throw as I want to.

-You started this season strong with 76.70m, and have been steady over 70m since. How are your practices going and what are your goals for this season?
-Yes, I started with 76,70m, later I had some inconveniences with my training schedule, i had to work around the media appearances and all the travel, also I had a small abdominal injury right below my ribs. Fortunately here in Formia I started having good practices again, even more with the new javelins that I have received from Nemeth Javelins, which will really help me get to the next step sooner. My objectives for this year are to throw 80m and win the Pan American Games as well as the South-American Youth Games.

-I've read that your are coming to Europe for a month to compete. You have been here before for the 6th IAAF World Youth Championships in Italy two years ago. Which countries are you going to visit this time and what are the competitions you are planning to participate in?
-I am going to stay in Formia for the next two weeks. We were here last year, as well as for the 2009 World Youth Championships. We are travelling to Belgium on the 13th of July, for the meet that is held in Lieja. Since we are only here for such a short period of time, we are not planning on competing in any other meets. We are travelling to the Youth Pan-American Games to the US on the 18th, because the competition is from the 22nd to the 24th of July.

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Braian Toledo training with a Nemeth Classic 95m in Formia, Italy

-Your rivals, Zigismunds Sirmais and Valeriy Iordan are throwing over 80m this year, but they are also one year older. Do you think the 80m mark will be within reach next year?
-Yes, they are great athletes. I have competed against them at the World Championships in Bressanone and won against Valeriy, even though he was supposed to be the favorite, having a 83,02m coming into the meet. I think, if I can maintain my training at the high level that I am doing here in Formia and continue with the progression that I have been having in the past couple of years, I believe I will be able to throw 80 meters. Of course I need to keep working for this goal little by little, every day.

-Your best with the 700g javelin was 89.34m. What do you think you need to improve on the most to throw that far with the 800g javelin? Physically, technically or mentally?
-I think all three aspects are very important to be able to throw far, however I feel like my main concern right now is improving the physical aspect. If I can keep up the work that I have been doing here in Formia, it will show in my results.

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Braian Toledo in Peru

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