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The world leading youth throws in 2022

Serbian, Ukrainian, Finnish and Polish throwers were among the TOP javelin youth performers in 2022! *** U20 JAVELIN LEADERS In the U20 woman category Adriana VILAGOŠ from Serbia won all of her youth category competitions! Andriana defended her world champion title in Cali, Colombia (Pascual Guerrero Stadium ) with a throw of 63.52m! A nice step up from last year, as she threw the 500g javelin 70.10m - a world U18 record in 2021. The Serbian U20 world best in 2022 finished second place at the European Athletics Championships, Olympiastadion, München with 62.01m (20 AUG 2022) All of Andriana’s TOP 10 javelin 600g results in 2022 were over 60m. She threw twice over 63m! The 63.52m throw meant 9th place in the senior woman World ranking list. *** In the Men javelin throw U20 age group Artur FELFNER from Ukraine achieved his lifetime best in Šamorín (SVK, x-bionic sphere competition) with a result of 84.32m. Artur then headed to the World Athletics U20 Championships, (Pascual Guerrero Stadium, Cali, COL) to win the World Champion title with 79.36m. Felfner threw twice over 80m in 2022, his TOP 10 best throws were over 76m, and placed 32th in the senior man javelin throw World ranking list. Read more


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BARBORA SPOTAKOVA, A TRUE AMBASSADOR TO NEMETH JAVELINS! On September 9th 2022, a day after the Wanda Diamond League Final in Zurich, javelin thrower Barbora Spotakova announced her retirement from the Athletics. Spotakova threw 181 times the 600g javelin in her athletic career!! The world record holder Barbora has been a true Ambassador to Nemeth Javelins! Read more

Krukowski records with Nemeth Javelins

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Krukowski threw 76.71m with Nemeth Classic 600g 80m medium composite

A new U16 Boys Polish record for Krukowski in 2022 Congratulations to Roch Krukowski who won the European Kids Athletics Games 2022 in Brno!  The 15 years old Polish U16 javelin throw record holder Krukowksi threw 76.71m with Nemeth Classic 80m medium composite.  Krukowski was also gold medalist of EYOF 2022 in Banska Bystrica with 74.63m with 700g javelin. Németh Javelins whishes Roch great health and successful future! Read more

XVIII Miklós Németh Javelin Throw Competition

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Németh Miklós olimpiai bajnok

The Miklós Németh Javelin Throw Competition is held every year on the last Sunday of September in Vác. The season-ending event is the biggest 1-day javelin throw competition of the year in Hungary. Read more

Weber claims world-leading mark in Las Palmas

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Julian Weber

Germany finished the year with three throwers ranked inside the top four on the 2016 world lists - and six inside the top-15 - and their stable of throwers are already showing excellent early season form. Read more

Rio Olimpics 2016 - Javelin Throw Men Final Results

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You can view the complete results after the break. Read more