German star de Zordo opens season in Doha

2011-05-06 11:09 by Administrator

Matthias de Zordo

Doha - Germany has great tradition in technical disciplines. Now it has such strong athletes like Malte Mohr in pole vault and Matthias de Zordo in javelin thrown who are always ready to grab medals from every meeting they compete.

Last year de Zordo was one of the two athletes who managed to beat two times Olympic champion Thorkildsen and even did it on his territory at the European team championships in Bergen. Concerning this fact, de Zordo said: «It was just a bad day for him, nothing more. All depends of the day and the circumstances. Andreas is a great athlete and there are no real keys to beat him regularly».

The star of young German athlete, who is 23-years old only, rose only last year when he consistently won European Team Championships, took silver at the European Outdoor Championships and then was third at the Continental Cup.  «There is more attention for me now at home after successful last season – said de Zordo – people are waiting good results from me.»

«Speaking about my preparations to this season, I’ve just left training camp. Frankly speaking, I had some technical problems recently. Hopefully I will overcome them. My main purpose at this season is World Championships.  I know potentially I can achieve 90m – mark. But it necessary takes the combination of different things like weather, shape, fighting. But of course I also should improve my skills to do it» - finally said de Zordo.


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