Guide to Nemeth Javelin Ratings

2011-11-25 14:59 by Administrator

The following is a short description of how Nemeth Javelins are calibrated and rated.

A javelin's flight characteristics depend on many factors - the javelin's shape, its tip design, its flexibility, the position of the gravitation point, just to name a few. All these qualities are important and factor in during the flight. This is why we made the following type of classification of our products as follows:

According to IAAF rules

There are 800g, 600g, 700g and 500g IAAF approved javelins and 400g javelins for the veteran age group.
Our competition javelins have three classes in the weight groups 600g & 800g :                                                                                                           Standard (School)
For the 500g & 700g weight groups there are two classes:
                                                          Special competition
                                                          Universal competition
The names suggest what kind of thrower groups they are specifically designed for.


Standard (in some country named as School) javelins
Within the classes we developed our (metric) distance rating system. This is how we define the quality of the javelins for example:
                                                         Standard  600g 40m,
                                                          Standard  600g 50m,
                                                          Standard  600g 60m,
                                                          Standard  600g 70m,
The shape of the shaft of the Standard 600g 70m javelin is superior to the 40m one.


The higher class Club javelins have a new aerodynamic blunt head and the distances ratings are extending from                                                              Club 600g 70m
                                                          Club 600g 75m
The shape of the shaft of the Club 600g 70m javelin is superior to the Standard 600g 70m and it has an aerodynamic blunt head on the shaft.


The Classic series is built with an even more aerodynamic bulky head with the optimum aerodynamic shape of the shaft
                                                         Classic 600g 75m
                                                         Classic 600g 80m
                                                         Classic 600g 85m
                                                         Classic 600g 85m AL-Composite
The difference between the 75m and 85m javelin is the accuracy of the measurements of the javelins defined by our production and design.   
Classic 600g 85m AL-Composite received a carbon fiber coating in addition to increase stiffness when required while decreasing the vibration of the javelin.


Each javelin class has a unique tip and head design. Our higher distance rated javelins have bulkier head and tips with great front lift properties.


It is a good rule of thumb that with a higher class, higher DR javelin better results can be achieved, within the abilities of the athlete.


Nemeth javelins are made of a special aluminum alloy that gives the flexibility of aluminum with the stiffness of steel or carbon, yielding a javelin with superb flight characteristics.


Our Composite Al-Carbon javelins are made of an aluminum-carbon composite, which gives a very low flexibility javelin, which is perfect for the most skilled throwers!

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