Klaus Wolfermann, West Germany

Klaus Wolfermann

World Record: 94.08m (308' 8") Leverkusen, West Germany 5 May 1973

Klaus Wolfermann became a national hero when he won the Olympic gold medal by the smallest possible margin in front of his own people at Munich in 1972. Janis Lusis had set his second world record of 93.80 meters two month before the Games began. However, a few days before the Olympics began Wolfermann had hurled the spear 90.10 meters (295' 7"), which gave him great confidence.

In the Olympic final Lusis took the lead in the opening round with 88.88 meters (291' 7"). However, in round four Wolfermann came close with 88.40 meters (290' 0"). On his next throw Wolfermann went one better and threw 90.48 meters (296' 10"). Lusis's last throw went just over 90 meters. Amid great tension, the measurement was finally announced as 90.46 meters (296' 9"). The balding and bearded German had won it.

A year later Wolfermann added another 28 centimeters to the world record (94.08 meters). In the European Championships he was not so successful, coming in sixth in 1971 and fifth in 1974.

source: World Record Breakers in Track & Field Athletics

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