Osleidys Menéndez, Cuba

Osleidys Menéndez

World Records: 71.54m Rethymno 01 Jul 2001

71.70m Helsinki 14 Aug 2005

Osleidys Menéndez Sáez (born November 14, 1979 in Martí) is a Cuban athlete competing in the javelin throw. She is a former Olympic champion, world champion, and world record holder. She has been described as the female "Jan Železný" of her times.

She won the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens with a throw of 71.53m, which was a new Olimpic Record.

When winning the 2005 World Athletics Championships, Menéndez broke her own world record with a throw of 71.70 m. This record was broken by Olympic champion Barbora Špotáková in September 2008 with a throw of 72.28 m.

She was coached by former javelin thrower Dionisio Quintana. Under his guidance, Menéndez developed a successful career spanning thirteen years. Quintana threw the javelin competitively (1971 to 1987) with a 84.35 metres personal best (old model).

source: wikipedia

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