Seppo Räty, Finland

Seppo Räty

Seppo Henrik Räty (born 27 April 1962, in Helsinki) is a Finnish javelin thrower. His personal best throw was 96.96 m in 1991, which was a world record at the time, however this throw was made using a rough surface type javelin which was banned by the IAAF later that year and all records made using this javelin were retrospectively deleted. Räty's best throw with the current javelin is 90.60 m in 1992. He was World Champion in 1987 and an Olympic medalist in the javelin throw (silver 1992, bronze 1988 and 1996). He was nicknamed "Tohmajärven karhu" (The Bear of Tohmajärvi) and "Tohmajärven tykki" (The Cannon of Tohmajärvi).

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