Soini Nikkinen, Finland

Soini Nikkinen

World Record: 83.56m (274’ 1”)         Kuhmoinen, Finland  24 Jun 1956

Finland’s Soini Nikkinen held the world record for six days. Only 84 kilograms (183 pounds) in weight, he was the first Finn to throw over 80 meters. Nikkinen was the youngest in a family of 13 children, their home was a cabin that was only 3x3 meters (about 10’x10’). Throughout his athletic career, he was plagued by duodenal ulcers. During World War II he was a courier for a grenade unit in the Finnish – Soviet conflict.

He competed in the 1948 London Olympics and finished 12th place with 58.05 meters (190’ 5”). Four years later at the Helsinki Olympics he finished eight with 68.80 meters (225’ 9”).

In June 1956 he threw a world record of 83.56 meters (274’ 1”). That evening, to celebrate his achievement, he planted a birch seedling. Forty years on, it was 20 meters (66 feet) tall.

After his world record in June, he understood that he was guaranteed a place in the team for the Olympics in November, and he reduced his training. However, just before the Games his form slipped, and he was upset to be left out of the team.

Now retired, he works as a craftsman making traditional Finnish clocks, called Konninkello.

source: World Record Breakers in Track & Field Athletics

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