Tapio Korjus, Finland

Tapio Korjus

Tapio Korjus (born February 10, 1961 in Vehkalahti) is a Finnish former javelin thrower.

Born in Vehkalahti, he was one of the leading representatives of javelin throwing in his home country in the 1980s, but did not attain international success until the year 1988.

At the Summer Olympics held in Seoul, South Korea, Korjus held the silver medal position for most of the contest. However, with the very last throw of the competition, he threw for 84.28 meters, which meant gold for Korjus. The silver medal was eventually won by a young Jan Železný, who went on to be one of the dominant javelin throwers of all time.

After that stunning triumph Korjus quickly disappeared from the scene, having no more success.

After his active career he has coached other javelin throwers like Mikaela Ingberg.

source: Wikipedia

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