Tiina Lillak, Finland

Tiina Lillak

World Records: 72.40m Helsinki, Finland, 29 Jul 1982
74.76 m Tampere, Finland, 13 Jun 1983

Tiina Lillak (born April 15, 1961 in Helsinki) is a former Finnish javelin thrower, who was among the best female javelin throwers in the world in the early and mid 1980s. While she has been credited for starting a string of successes for Finnish female javelin throwers, her more notable accomplishments include winning a world championship and an Olympic medal.
    On July 29, 1982 Lillak threw for a new world record in Helsinki: 72.40 meters. However, the record was broken the following September when Greek thrower Sofia Sakorafa reached 74.20 meters. Lillak finished fourth in the 1982 European Championships in Athletics, which were held in Athens. On June 13, 1983 Lillak again broke the world record, throwing 74.76 meters in Tampere. This distance remained a world record until June 1985, and also stood as a national record for Finland until 1999, when the javelin type was altered and the former records were wiped clean.
    In the 1983 World Championships in Athletics held in Helsinki, Lillak became the champion in front of her home crowd when she threw for 70.82 meters (enough for the win) on her last attempt leaving Britain's 2nd placed Fatima Whitbread in tears at Trackside as she went running off down the track celebrating with the ecstatic crowd. The whole season was a success for Lillak, who threw over 70 meters in 16 separate competitions and didn't lose a single time.
    Although Lillak had only taken part in three competitions in 1984, she still managed to earn an Olympic silver medal at 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California.

Finished fourth in the 1986 European Championships in Athletics.Finished sixth in the 1987 World Championships in Athletics.

source: wikipedia

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