Uwe Hohn, East Germany

Uwe Hohn

World Record: 104.80m (343' 10") Berlin, East Germany 20 Jul 1984

Uwe Hohn was the tallest of the javelin record holders, standing 198 centimeters (6' 6"). He made meteoric progress from junior to senior ranks: European junior champion in 1981 and European (senior) champion in 1982. Hohn developed into an athlete capable of repeated throws over 90 meters. In may 1984 he threw 99.52 meters (326' 6"), only 20 centimeters behind Petranoff's world record. Two months later, it happened- an awesome throw that changed the fate of javelin throwing. The crowd seemed to sense it and started chanting for a 100-meter throw. Hohn obliged and hurled the instrument 104.80 meters, a startling 5.08 meter (16' 8") addition to the world record. Even before it hit the ground Hohn raised his arms in triumph - he knew he had unleashed a monster throw. It was the sport's only 100-meter throw.

Alas, East Germany meekly followed the Soviet Union in the boycott of the 1984 Olympics. Hohn expressed deep resentment at this decision, which was reported, and he was cautioned against such view by the East German authorities.

His 100-meter throw had raised concerns about the safety of the device. Accordingly, a new javelin with the center of gravity moved forward was introduced in 1986. This meant it fell about 10 meters short of the distances achieved with the existing javelin. Hohn may well have excelled with it, but during a weight-training session in 1986 he suffered a severe back injury with sciatic nerve damage when heavy weight collapsed on him, which ended his career.

source: World Record Breakers in Track & Field Athletics


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